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[Pokemon-ARPG] Weekly Prompt: Flower Picking
Spring had at last descended upon the land, and the rise in temperature meant that the Pokemon were spending more time outside than ever before. A whole new mood settled with the season, evening temperaments and calming everyone. Even Aroo seemed to have slowed down and released some of his irritableness.
Well, mostly.
“This pollen is horrible,” Aroo groaned, kicking at the wavering grass that poked out of the ground. “Pretty soon my nose is going to revolt against my face and leave…”
“But aren’t the flowers so pretty?” Skitters exclaimed, her snout held low to the ground, sniffing out every trace of inflorescence on the hillside. “And to think, we were sledding down this hill only a few weeks ago!”
Skitters stopped suddenly as she came face to face with a tiny red poppy bud. Smiling to herself, she grasped the stem between her teeth and tugged it out of the earth, racing happily off around the other side of the hill. Aroo wat
:iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Glim the Shinx by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Glim the Shinx :iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 1 [Pokemon-ARPG] Pyro the Fennekin by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Pyro the Fennekin :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Weekly Prompt: Bath Time
“Alright now Ember, don’t fret,” Salvador spoke softly as he guided Ember into the shabby barn. “We’ll get that splotch of mud out of your fur in no time, don’t you worry…”
“I-I’m fine, really Salvador,” Ember cut in, her pawsteps hesitant as she gazed around the interior of the barn.
Crisp hay cracked underneath the Salamence’s feet with each step he took towards the back wall of the structure. Ember watched with unease. She knew that removing mud from her fur would surely require water, and as a fire type, she wasn’t ready to face that.
“Now, I just need to find the darn thing,” Salvador once more spoke, scouring about the back end of the barn.
“Find what…?” Ember’s concern went unheard by the dragon, who fumbled with various tools that clanged and crashed together. Ember flattened her ears to shield them from the unpleasant chorus of noise.
“Ah! Here we go,”
:iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Weekly Prompt: All Muddy
The very second Skitters spotted the mud puddle, she was on it faster than a Combee on honey. It only took another few seconds before her once pristine coat was dripping with the muck, despite Aroo’s best effort to convince her to keep her fur clean.
“You aren’t supposed to get your fur dirty!” Aroo exclaimed, watching helplessly as his friend rolled in the puddle, laughing the entire time. “How do you think our trainer is going to react? I’m NOT going to be in charge of cleaning you up, you know…”
“Jump on in!” Skitters called, pausing momentarily in her romp to address her pal. “It’s great fun in here!”
Aroo groaned in frustration, stomping his paw into the ground to express his anger. He didn’t dare take another step closer to his friend; he knew he would end up with mud caked in his fur if his past experiences with Skitters were anything to judge by.
Skitters abruptly stood up and began to shake lik
:iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Ember the Vulpix by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Ember the Vulpix :iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 1 [Pokemon-ARPG] Salvador the Salamence by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Salvador the Salamence :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Weekly Prompt: Sledding
The powdery snow under Skitters’s paws sent chills through her legs and spine. She shook and shivered with each step she took, her tiny body unadjusted to such cold conditions. She huddled close to Aroo as she walked, her side pressed deeply into the Riolu’s. Aroo had objected at the first signs of closeness from his teammate, but it didn’t take long for the cold to take effect on him as well, so he conceded to the extra warmth.
“Well, here we are,” Aroo said, his breath misting in the winter air.
“Oh, great!” Skitters perked up with excitement. “You still have the sled, right?”
“Barely,” Aroo scoffed, glancing at the sled he had been pulling by a rope behind him on their trek. “I think my fingers were about ready to fell off from frostbite by the time we got here.”
“Well come on silly, get in the sled!”
Skitters leaped into the bright red circular sled, any signs of fatigue from their long walk g
:iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 1
[Pokemon-ARPG] Aroo the Riolu by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Aroo the Riolu :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 0 [Pokemon-ARPG] Skitters the Skitty by Pippicat [Pokemon-ARPG] Skitters the Skitty :iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 0 Abby: Maid of Space by Pippicat Abby: Maid of Space :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 7 Jack: Mage of Life by Pippicat Jack: Mage of Life :iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 0 Leah: Thief of Heart by Pippicat Leah: Thief of Heart :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 0 Laura: Witch of Breath by Pippicat Laura: Witch of Breath :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 0 (Improved) Xan Drawing by Pippicat (Improved) Xan Drawing :iconpippicat:Pippicat 1 0 (Improved) Pabbel Drawing by Pippicat (Improved) Pabbel Drawing :iconpippicat:Pippicat 0 0


husbands by FisticuffAficionado husbands :iconfisticuffaficionado:FisticuffAficionado 114 8 Invader Miz (Genderbend) by 01Rin Invader Miz (Genderbend) :icon01rin:01Rin 5 2 Chibi Minecrafters 3 by AzulArtist1027 Chibi Minecrafters 3 :iconazulartist1027:AzulArtist1027 10 1 Chibi Minecrafters 2 by AzulArtist1027 Chibi Minecrafters 2 :iconazulartist1027:AzulArtist1027 10 1 Chibi Minecrafters 1 by AzulArtist1027 Chibi Minecrafters 1 :iconazulartist1027:AzulArtist1027 17 8 Oh mew! by livinlovindude Oh mew! :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 151 91 Saloonatics by Asagi-Samejima Saloonatics :iconasagi-samejima:Asagi-Samejima 259 41
Asexual Love is still LOVE~
You and Feferi have been a couple for a really long time. And at first you thought your relationship together wouldn't last. What with you being an asexual and her being a sexual. For most sexual people it would be an immediate deal breaker if there was going to be no sexual connection to or in a relationship. But Feferi said she was red for you and she didn't want something as trivial as pailing (or a lack of it) to come between you both being together. And you're not afraid to admit that you were scared to try dating a sexual in the beginning. You didn't want to get emotionally attached to someone only for them to break it off because they couldn't go without sex.
But Feferi really proved you wrong. She was everything you could hope for in a girlfriend~! She was sweet, loving, and compassionate. She understood that you very well coul
:iconmistressofthevoid:MistressOfTheVoid 115 124
+ T A K + by Ashetoret + T A K + :iconashetoret:Ashetoret 335 32
Asexuality: destroying all prejudices

Way too many prejudices have been spread about asexuality, generally because of lack of information. This news article has been made for the sole purpose of - hopefully - eliminating them, and let everyone know what asexuality really is, and what it is not. It also aims to promote sites and links that can be useful to asexual people, to make them feel alright with themselves and part of a whole community.
What's asexuality? Asexual people are people who do not feel sexual attraction. This does not necessarily mean they are averse to sex, though: while most asexuals may prefer to not have it, some are just plain indifferent to it. Those who do choose to not have sex do not do so because of religious, moral or personal beliefs; they choose not to do it because of their lack of interest in it. But a complex matter such as asexuality could never be run out so easily, so let's precise a few, important things about asexual people and asexuality in general.
:iconheavenriver:heavenriver 608 1,022
The EEnE Highschool announcement you waited for by VampireMeerkat The EEnE Highschool announcement you waited for :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 248 98 No Coke No Hope by Boredman No Coke No Hope :iconboredman:Boredman 346 38 Alpaca Machine by TakeTheLlama Alpaca Machine :icontakethellama:TakeTheLlama 83 75 Stop in the name of love by Zamiiz Stop in the name of love :iconzamiiz:Zamiiz 165 8 Running This Town by owlmaddie Running This Town :iconowlmaddie:owlmaddie 93 36 Castiel's Facebook Page by kiles85 Castiel's Facebook Page :iconkiles85:kiles85 1,471 325


by Smushey

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  • Listening to: Music. What do you think? :P
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  • Watching: Ed Edd n Eddy
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Yeah yeah, there's still more of these to be done and I lurv them, so...:P

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die:
1.) Get a million views on a YouTube video I make
2.) Write a successful book
3.) Get good enough at art to animate stuff

Three Names You Go By:
1.) Laura
2.) Pippi
3.) Cat

Three Screen Names You Have Had:
1.) Pippicatty
2.) Pippicat
3.) lcling

Three Physical Things You Like About Yourself:
1.) Red hair
2.) Slender arms
3.) Freckles

Three Parts Of Your Heritage:
1.) German
2.) Native American
3.) British

Three Things That Scare You:
1.) Spiders
2.) Pool drains
3.) Unnatural submerged objects

Three Of Your Everyday Essentials:
1.) My glasses
2.) My black ring (Ace ring 83)
3.) A companion (Whether it be a friend, animal, or stuffed toy)

Three Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1.) Ed Edd n Eddy T-shirt
2.) Blue shorts
3.) Underwear

Three Of Your Favorite Bands/Musical Artists:
1.) Imagine Dragons
2.) Paramore
3.) Icon for Hire

Three Of Your Favorite Songs:
1.) Centuries
2.) Misery Business
3.) Cascade

Three Things You Want In A Relationship:
1.) Trust
2.) Fun
3.) Sincerity

Two Truths And A Lie (in no particular order):
1.) I haven't had cable in over five years
2.) I have the new Invader Zim comic
3.) I've never met a celebrity

Three Of Your Favorite Hobbies:
1.) Writing
2.) Voice acting
3.) Doing memes 8P

Three Things You Want To Do Really Badly Right Now:
1.) Go swimming
2.) Spend time with my moirail
3.) Get my hands on those adorable little Ed Edd n Eddy bobblehead plushies ;3;

Three Careers You're Considering/You've Considered:
1.) Independant writer
2.) Animal caretaker (of some sort)
3.) Storyboarder

Three Places You Want To Go On Vacation:
1.) Japan
2.) England
3.) Canada

Three Kid's Names You Like:
1.) Amber
2.) Thomas
3.) Sarah

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Girl:
1.) I fret over my hair
2.) I like the color pink way more than I'd like to admit
3.) My closet is FULL of way too many clothes

Three Ways That You Are Stereotypically A Boy:
1.) I'm addicted to video games
2.) I get too much joy out of destroying things
3.) I honestly don't care all that much about what I wear

Also, I'm about to leave for that camping trip I mentioned in one of the other journals, so...I won't be back until after the weekend. I'll probably do more memes when I return...well, maybe. We'll have to see if I remember. :P

See ya!~


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About me:
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Ma peeps:
:iconpokemonskycatty: Best Moirail I could ever ask for. :iconmoirailplz:
:iconmaracat0901: A fellow Pokemon fanatic.
:icontheninjafreak12: Fantastic artist and IRL friend!
:iconmusicallaura: She's Laura and she's musical! :meow:
:iconthegamerfiles: My Minecraftian friend with a passion for Scotland.
:iconflareice: She noms my shoulder. :>
:iconartistgamer101: Queen of the puns!
:iconsylvester-lukas: My bud who makes fun artwork and is great at making others laugh.
:iconmrzod: A funny fellow from my school who I followed here.
:iconstationr: This is my dad (literally). Don't frighten him, he's sensitive sometimes. XD

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I am Mew!

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
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What Pokemon Starter Are You?
What Pokemon Starter Are You?
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Name: Zuko

Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Acrostic Name Poem by Wishafriend
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